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Water play area

The water play area in Nuneaton is coming on well. We will carve channels in the stone paving once it is grouted and set.

Water play pumps, chutes and splash puddles

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Crazy paving

I just came across this picture of a patio we built a few years ago in Herefordshire. The stone is from a local small scale quarry and is set out then cut to make neat, tight joints. The stone bench is cantilevered out of the wall.

Natural stone patio, paving

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Clay lined lake

This is what I love about running Copper Beech, we get asked to do some wonderful projects from beautiful garden shelters to fantastic play areas and then a huge clay lined pond. All using natural and or reclaimed materials.

This natural clay works by forming a water proof gel like layer when wet. The liner needs to stay compressed so is covered with soil before the pond is filled.

We only finished this at the end of March so I need to pop back and get a photo of it full, the client has said it looks great.

Clay lined pond / lake

    The liner in place ready to cover

Clay lined pond lake Herefordshire

The liner is anchored in a trench around the edge before covering

Clay lined pond lake in Herefordshire

The liner nearly covered with soil

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Water Play Project

Getting ready to start work on a water play area at a school in Nuneaton. Setting out the ‘pitching’ in the yard, this will be the surface for the play area. Once set level the surface is smoothed and sculpted to channel the water.

We have several hand pumps and timber chutes for the children to pump and channel water with.

School Water Play area

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Shelter at Biblins Lodge

We recently finished this shelter at Biblins Lodge, Symonds Yat.

It has been a real pleasure working for our clients Steve and Julie and in such beautiful surroundings.

The frame is made of locally grown coppice chestnut and uses Cedar shingles on the roof that will go a lovely silvery colour over time.

Garden Building

Garden buildings

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