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Slate path

I just came across this photo of a slate path we built in Hereford about seven years ago. The slate is from a quarry in North Wales and was cut into 75mm slices and laid on edge.

I have just started a new job in Bromyard today, weather held off which was great!

Landscaping hereford

Natural slate path

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Natural play frame

The photo below is of one of the simple timber den building play frames. The counter sunk bolt hole will be plugged with a plastic cap and the floor has been prepared for a rubber safety surface.

All the frames are made from sustainably sourced coppice chestnut and treated with boiled linseed oil which gives a lovely natural look.

Natural play UK den building frame

Simple play frame

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Swindon natural play

The natural play are in Swindon is now ready for the safety surfacing. There are three simple chestnut timber frames for the children to lean planks and poles against and then drape light canvas covers over.

St Francis natural play area before

Natural play area before work started

St Francis Primary natural play area

The den building areas with archways between

Natural play UK den building frame

Natural play den building frame

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