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Stunning landscape

I have just been out to look at a potential job near Hay-on-Wye, the views were stunning across to the black mountains. Driving home along the river Wye from Hereford it felt very much like I may live in the most beautiful area in the country.

And the sun is shining!


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Stone steps

We are on the final stages of the job in Orcop, the stone steps are now finished and we have made a start on the upper patio area.

Graham has been making good progress in Dorstone, we found that the existing slabs had been laid on about 150mm of very solid concrete which took some shifting.

The photo below was taken today, Ben is dressing the edges of the patio stones.

fine landscaping in hereford

Using a grinder to dress the stone edges

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Living roof

I have always liked the idea of a living roof, some extra green space on top of a building is a positive thing for wildlife and looks great.

Copper Beech Garden Design have built and installed turf and sedum roofs on garden rooms, outbuildings, bike sheds and play dens.

See more details of these projects by clicking this link. Below are some photos recently taken of a roof we built and planted last year.

Copper Beech out building with living roof

Copper beech living roof

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Retaining wall progress

The photos below show the retaining wall we are building nearing completion. The second photo was taken on Thursday, we now have some of the capping stones on and the upper patio is ready to start laying.

Graham is off to start digging out on a new job in Dorstone on Monday while myself and Ben are going to lay the patio in Orcop. Fingers crossed for some dry weather.

Copper Beech Garden Design Hereford retaining wall

The wall and stone bench taking shape

Copper Beech garden design and fine landscaping retaining wall

The finished height ready for capping stones

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Webbed feet

The weather finally got the better of us today, we had to admit defeat this afternoon as we were soaked through.

We had a good morning though, I needed to find some flat stone for capping the wall we are building and it really needed to be the same local sand stone as the stone in the wall. By chance I stopped to say hello to the farmer at the top of the lane and what do you know, he had a pile of flat stone that came out of a ditch, magic!

It doesn’t look like much in this photo but will be perfect for capping the wall.

natural Herefordshire stone

Ideal capping stone



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Valuable resource

The landscaping job we are currently working on involves reusing building stone that is already on site, in digging out the bank we have unearthed a huge amount more. I would estimate with the various stock piles around the garden and the newly unearthed stone there is over twenty tons for the picking, some very nice stone.

When you consider the local reclamation yards sell reclaimed walling stone for between £80 -£150 per ton this is a very valuable resource, its well worth keeping hold of and making a stack in a discreet corner for any future projects.

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Wettest June on record

The job in Orcop, Hereford is going well despite the weather, it is starting to get to us a bit, we have put up a large tarpaulin which allows the stone work to continue. The paving is slightly more problematic but is moving on well.

Today I have installed the first section of a stone bench that cantilevers out of the retaining wall, its working well and looks great.

The photo below was taken from where we are working.

Landscaping job in Orcop Hereford

The weather is rubbish but the view is great!


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