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Chestnut post and rail fence

Below is a photo of the post and rail fence we were working on a few weeks ago. Made from locally sourced coppiced chestnut I think the fence makes a great entrance to the property.

Chestnut is recommended for fencing for durability

The chestnut post and rail fence

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A well recommended landscaper

I like to think that Copper Beech Garden Design come well recommended, here is a testimonial that I have just received from a client I have worked for several times in the past. Thank you Barbara

Jim landscaped both my front and rear gardens. His work was impeccable. He pays great attention to detail and uses materials with sensitivity. Both areas have been much admired and enhanced the house considerably.
Barbara Crow Hereford

If you would like to see more testimonials from our clients please click here.

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Good day in the office

Or rather a good day on the side of a steep hill. We had the first ready mix lorry of concrete arrive on site today. The only way of getting the concrete to where we need it was to build a 24m long slide, all went well and the wall is up to two foot, ready for the next pour on Thursday.

The concrete glistened in the sun as it flowed slowly down the slide, dropping from one section to the other like larva. I did think it made quite a beautiful feature, in an industrial concrete sort of way. Probably not what my client had in mind.


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Outdoor classroom

I have just taken this photo of one of the octagonal outdoor classrooms that we built last year. The space is being used for the schools green woodwork lessons, with new canvas sides the building is even better.

This seems to me to be an ideal solution for an ‘outdoor’ classroom, the children can still hear the wind and rain, and probably feel a breeze, yet are sheltered enough not to get wet and cold.

Out door classroom in Hereord

The green woodwork classroom at Steiner Academy Hereford

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Latest landscaping project

It’s always exciting to get stuck into a new landscaping project, we are fortunate enough to be working on a new job in Orcop, south Hereford.

The job is to dig out a terrace and build a large retaining wall and patio area, the views are amazing.

These photos show day one before we have started and at the start of day two, luckily the rain had not arrived yet.

Landscaping in Orcop, Hereford

The area before work has started

Landscape job in Orcop, Hereford
The terrace taking shape.


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Playground hand rails

I’ve attached a photo below of the oak hand rails I mentioned in a previous blog. Having been asked if I could install some rails to the steps in this playground I had it in mind to order some oak, when at a local sawmill for something else I noticed these curved lengths of oak were still in the yard.

They had been cut straight but due to the tension in the timber had curved over night, all almost identical. This is one of the reasons I love being a landscape gardener, always something new and so many solutions to each project.

Natural playground hand rails as part of a landscaping contract

Natural playground hand rails


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Landscaping testimonial

I have just received this testimonial from a client I worked for over seven years ago, I remember working on the garden with the anticipation that our first child was due any time. We finished it a few weeks before he was born.

Thanks for this Robin.

“Good to hear from you and I hope that all is going well. The garden goes from strength to strength as it matures and my friends all comment how good it looks and cannot believe how comparatively new it is. The concept, detailed planning and installation proved to be a triumph”.

RA Kingstone


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Natural playground

We are landscaping at the Steiner school again this week which is great. We have been asked to install stand pipes and taps from the underground rain water storage tank and install some hand rails leading to the main play area.

By chance I came across four evenly bent lengths of oak at one of the saw mills I use, the wood was cut straight and bent due to the tension in the timber, perfect for hand rails! I’ll post a photo when they are finished.

The natural playground is looking great now the grass is growing and the trees are all in leaf, I bumped into one of the teachers who said the children are like monkeys when they get on it, its good to hear its getting well used.

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